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We are convinced that organicis a serious matter, a concept to be kept clean, an idea worth struggling for, with its own ethics and soul.
It’s not a cultivation method, a certification or a green sign on our products label. It is deeper, more intimate, something that connects the spirit to the earth and to a more conscious idea of society.
It is something something that has to do with our very nature

It’s RESPECT , it’s FEELING, it’s LIFE.

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fermented food

Fermented Food

Fermented food are a "master-key” that allows the body to absorb the active ingredients of food. It also creates favorable conditions for the well-being of the microbiota and intestinal flora.
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No sweeteners, no pectin. The quality of a product depends on the ingredients it’s made of.
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preserves all properties of food intact, especially those heat-sensitive ones, such as the germ and most of the vitamins and antioxidants.
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free from

Free From

Food intolerances and allergies to certain ingredients are increasingly common, as well as personal choices to avoid certain foods in personal diets.
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Who said that fats are all "bad"? Our diet should never lack the good fats that we hear more and more about. Were we can find theme? What foods contain them and to what extent?
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Biodiversity represents the genetic heritage of the terrestrial ecosystem and of our roots. It enriches our tables, our lives, and ourselves.
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Nu.Na. Nu.Na. stands for “natural nutrients”, raw materials with particular functions that, by nature, contribute to our well-being and respond to specific health needs.
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True whole wheat

Our best ally is the real whole grain, given by the grain in its integrity, complete of its external layers. It guarantees us the right daily intake of fibers, helps us to purify our body and stay in shape.
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Biodynamic agriculture is a set of cultivating methods taking place in a closed-loop self-powered farm. Biodynamic also respects natural rhythms, such as cycles and phases of the moon.
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healthy breakfast

Healthy breakfast

Our body prepares for the day after an overnight fast and finds the necessary energy in the morning meal. Breakfast is a moment of awakening to nourish body and spirit.
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Centennial traditions, quality and flavors that have remained intact, unchanged over generations.

SAPORE DI SOLE – I Toscani contain all the local delicacies and excellences of a region that prides itself over its culinary traditions, appreciated all over the world.

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made in tuscany