Sapore di Sole


We are convinced that organicis a serious matter, a concept to be kept clean, an idea worth struggling for, with its own ethics and soul.
It’s not a cultivation method, a certification or a green sign on our products label. It is deeper, more intimate, something that connects the spirit to the earth and to a more conscious idea of society.
It is something something that has to do with our very nature

It’s RESPECT , it’s FEELING, it’s LIFE.




Biodiversity represents the genetic heritage of the terrestrial ecosystem and of our roots. It enriches our tables, our lives, and ourselves.
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Raw Food

Low-temperature processing preserves all properties of food intact, especially those heat-sensitive ones, such as the germ and most of the vitamins and antioxidants.
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Mono ingredients

Products made of just 1 ingredient, nothing can alter its fla vour. We only keep the true essence of the product; we get rid of everything else.
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Free From

Food intolerances and allergies to certain ingredients are increasingly common, as well as personal choices to avoid certain foods in personal diets.
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Plant Based

The protection of one's own integrity and that of the surrounding environment. Respecting is an act of profound gratitude towards life in all its forms.
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To find our balance, we need an act of will, a small step in the direction of an open-mindedness that allows us to overcome the so-called "Western" eating habits, sedimented over the decades of economic well-being, to rediscover a real and effective psychophysical well-being. long-lasting.
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A life philosophy that appreciates harmony: the beauty of cultivated land, the slow flowing of time and seasons. Plants grow better if the land is full of life.
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Fermented food

LIVING AND ACTIVE FOOD ” that allows the body to absorb the active ingredients of food. It also creates favorable conditions for the well-being of the microbiota and intestinal flora.
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Functional food

Natural nutrients and raw materials with particular functions which by their nature can give something extra and, if included within a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, can contribute to our well-being, responding to specific health or sporting needs.
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Centennial traditions, quality and flavors that have remained intact, unchanged over generations.

SAPORE DI SOLE – I Toscani contain all the local delicacies and excellences of a region that prides itself over its culinary traditions, appreciated all over the world.

I Toscani
made in tuscany