Low-temperature processing
preserves all properties of food intact, especially those heat-sensitive ones, such as the germ and most of the vitamins and antioxidants that would otherwise get destroyed if exposed to excessive heat.


RAW food
means ALIVE food

We are happy to give food the respect it deserves. That’s why we preferlow temperatures, stone grinding, slow drying, cold pressing.

raw food
flour with germ

Living flour, with germ

Stone grinding in a water mill: same process throughout 8 generations, slow movement and low temperature, to keep the flour alive.

Cold pressing <27° C

Cold pressing (below 27° C) of organic seeds and dried fruits. Oils thus maintain the same taste and good nutrients of the seeds, such as good fats.

pasta integrale cappelli

Stone grinding,
drying 38°C

Best raw ingredients, best
processing techniques: low-temperature slow drying (<38°C) and ) and bronze wire-drawing.

cream 100

Low temperature processing

Stone grinding keeps the food temperature below 35/40° C. Never higher.

Respect for the raw ingredients

Respect for the raw ingredients

Rispettando la materia prima e lavorandola meno possibile, intervenendo solo in modo leggero e non invasivo laddove indispensabile, gli alimenti che ne derivano mantengono inalterate e intatte le proprietà.

trattamenti a basse temperature, macinature a pietra, essiccazioni lente, spremiture a freddo.

sapore di sole 02

raw food
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