Our way

Our way

Our goal is to accompany our customers on a journey through different levels of awareness and to provide all the necessary information to make an informed purchase. And, even before that, we want to be the first ones to make a
conscious purchase.

Because our awareness moves according to the satisfaction of our needs:



Food awareness


Mechanical feeding

It is the level of nutrition of those who eat automatically, without paying too much attention to what’s on their plate, without tasting the food, but rather with the sole purpose of “filling their stomach”.


Emotional nutrition

This level exclusively involves the flavors, smells, colors and feelings that the food industry knows how to exploit very well. By following only what satisfies these senses, you risk damaging your health.


Intellectual and social nutrition

This level is based on the awareness that our eating habits have an impact both on a global and personal level. Is it focused on “technical”, nutritional and dietary information (calculation of calories, quantity of vitamins, mineral salts, fibers, etc.). It is a typical Western approach, which does not consider the individual as a whole. It does not aim at restoring balance, but at eliminating symptoms.


Ideological nutrition

It is essentially based on ideological, religious or ethical choices. The last one is increasingly widespread (towards animals or the environment). This parameter tends to be dominant: always tracing every food choice according to this principle alone.


Free nutrition

It does not mean casual or dictated by the cravings of the moment; on the contrary it is extremely aware. It allows us to choose food in harmony with the order of the universe. To practice it, you need to know the energy of food, its seasonality as well as your needs, your place in the world.



Our choice is bio-diverse

We are convinced that organicis a serious matter, a concept to be kept clean, an idea worth struggling for, with its own ethics and soul. It’s not a cultivation method, a certification or a green sign on our products label. It is something deeper, more intimate, something that connects the spirit to the earth and to a more conscious idea of society. It is something something that has to do with our very nature. It’s respect, it’s feeling, it’s life.


A clear idea of the world

We believe in environmental sustainability, in biodiversity, in a system that supports local producers and allows them to work properly. We believe in conscious consumption, preferably 100% plant-based, and we believe there is a better future to be built.


The pleasure of (re)discovery

Finding forgotten seeds, unmodified ancient grains, rare legumes and typical preparations from our lands allow us to rediscover traditional aromas, original flavor, extraordinary properties. We know the importance of our roots and of the time.


As long as it is possible, use your hands

Manual harvesting, stone grinding, sourdough rising, cold pressing, slow and low-temperature drying, recipes with a few selected ingredients. Why change what time has made perfect?