Centennial traditions, quality and flavors that have remained intact, unchanged over generations.

SAPORE DI SOLE – I Toscani contain all the local delicacies and excellences of a region that prides itself over its culinary traditions, appreciated all over the world.

made in tuscany

Tuscany is our land, it’s part of our heritage, it’s an everlasting bond.

The label “made in Tuscany” by Sapore di Sole guarantees the best recipes of the tradition, that are followed step by step. Slow processing, attentive handling, only the freshest ingredients.
Genuine experience, from the soul of the farmers’ world.

pasta integrale cappelli

Senatore Cappelli and Monococco

With stone grinding, the millstones turn slowly and there is no overheating, thus maintaining the organoleptic properties of the raw material.

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tomato puree

Richness of the farmers’ world

Tuscan tomatoes, picked by hand and processed within 48 hours from the harvest.

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Soups and minestrone

The secret of the Ribollita lies in the
black cabbage
it must be abundant and picked after the first icy days.

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Wild Blueberry:

Wild Blueberry:

not all BLUEBERRIES are the same

Citric, oxalic, hydrocinnamic and gamma linolenic acids, tannins, phenolic acids, folic acid, flavonoids and anthocyanins, all active ingredients present in blueberry, in such quality as to give it precious vasoprotective, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Claims that apply to all types of blueberries, but if we dwell on the wild bilberry,
we discover how these features are even more stunning.

According to a research of the New York Botanical Garden, published on the “Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry”, wild blueberries antioxidant power is 11 times higher than farmed blueberries.
They are therefore far more effective in defending the organism from the attack of free radicals and from the cellular aging process.

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