A farmer in Loro Ciuffenna

The secret of a good Ribollita lies in the black cabbage:
it must be abundant and picked after the first icy days. Only this way it will transmit the real essence of Tuscany.




Tuscan Ribollita

Renowned and exquisite dish made of vegetables, legumes and potatoes, highly nutritious. It is prepared according to the traditional Tuscan recipe, that guarantees genuineness and authentic taste.
Black cabbage and Beans

Black cabbage and Beans

Typical and tasty Tuscan dish, perfect combination between beans and black cabbage. A real delicacy.
acqua cotta

Acqua cotta

Typical Tuscan vegetable soup, with simple ingredients of peasant cuisine, foods of inexhaustible interest and goodness. Prepared with fresh raw materials.
Pumpkin Minestrone

Pumpkin Minestrone

Appetizing soup made of yellow pumpkin and fresh vegetables, ready to be enjoyed, once heated. Sublime smell, velvety texture, delicate taste.