Respect is above all a feeling, an attitude of respect, esteem and attention.
Safeguarding one’s own integrity and that of the surrounding environment. Respecting is an act of profound gratitude towards life in all its forms.

Good practices and good feeling

Good practices and good feeling

Respect also passes through purchasing and consumption choices, whether they are dictated by the growing awareness of consumers or by the attention of those who produce or distribute and still dream of a better world.

small personal choices are a good starting point: knowing how to recognize sustainable processes, which do not generate waste, which take care of the raw materials, which do not only look at greater productivity and approved standards, as well as the awareness of everything that consumption linked to the production of meat (and everything that revolves around the ‘breeding and animal exploitation) helps us to take daily decisions as ethical and virtuous as possible.


An oriental classic that has now conquered kitchens all over the world.
From Italian craftsmanship in different variations, for all tastes.


Fermented soy in all its forms, natural, grilled, in the form of frankfurters


The fermented product par excellence, with 24-hour fermentation, friend of the palate and intestines. Natural, grilled, with chickpeas.

Cold cuts and burgers

Vegetable today is also delicious! For everyone and in the most edible formats.

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