Food intolerances and allergies to certain ingredients are increasingly common, as well as personal choices to avoid certain foods in personal diets.

free from

Free from!
(for everyone)

this is an idea of diet that limits or avoids certain ingredient, for necessity or personal choice: Gluten free, sugar-free,
lactose-free, without lecithin, yeast,
milk, eggs, animal-derived ingredients,

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Our goal is to provide high-quality, genuine gluten-free products, that can be enjoyed by everyone: not only people that cannot eat gluten,
but also those who want to try something different, something lighter.

The difference is in the ingredients’ choice: we only work with naturally gluten-free ingredients, that are 100% free from cross-contamination.

Gluten-free pasta

Gluten-free flour

The secret to a good gluten-free dough is the perfect mix of flours. Combine a robust flour that gives structure (such as buckwheat or sorghum flour) with a delicate one that gives personality to the dough, eventually add some starch. There you have a perfect mix for your pie.

Gluten-free breakfast

Gluten-free breakfast

Energetic, nutritious, reinforcing, our oat is gluten-free certified, free from any kind of contamination during processing: from the harvest to the grinding to the packaging phase.



100% FRUIT
Only fruit, nothing else

The simplicity of a real mono-ingredient, organically grown in Italy, the result of love for the natural resources of the area.

Nuova foto 100%
Pezzi e Polpa gruppo

No milk, butter, eggs

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