To regain our balance, an act of will is needed, a small step in the direction of an open mind that allows us to overcome the so-called “Western” eating habits, settled over the decades of economic well-being, to rediscover a real and lasting.

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Brown Rice

Wholemeal flour

Wholemeal flour


Ancient grains Pasta

More free, more fit

More free, more fit

Intestinal regularity is fundamental for our wellbeing.

support us: they contribute to regularity and to detox our body, by getting rid of damaging substances and preventing the formation of sugar or fat stockpiles.

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Refining process

Refining process


With refining many nutrients are discarded, such as fibres, vitamins, minerals and proteins, and the food is impoverished with direct consequences and effects such as:

> Higher glycemic index
> Slower digestion
> Slowing down of intestinal transit
> Introduction of “empty” calories and fewer nutrients

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Kao Kao carob flour

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Low-fat cocoa powder


Coconut flour

seeds omega


Seeds reduce the level of cholesterol, reinforce the immune system, fight against free radicals, help detoxing, decrease blood sugar levels and have alkalizing powers.

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Spirulina algae

It is a freshwater microalga, characterized by a blue green colour, that’s been living in our planet for more than 3 billion years. According to the FAO, it’s the food of the future.

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