The richness and vitality of a living system depend on its complexity. Biodiversity represents the genetic heritage of the entire terrestrial ecosystem – generated by the natural evolutionary adaptation capacities developed over the centuries – which needs to be protected and safeguarded. Because a biodiverse and plural world is a richer, more alive and healthier world.


Ancient legumes

Produce from a glorious past, rediscovered after many years, and brought back to our table. Produce full of meaning, value and virtues.


Finding connections to our heritage, through the rediscovery of ancient unmodified crops.

Ancient grains

Ancient grains from certified supply chains in Emilia Romagna, grown from a mix of ancient seeds of soft wheat.

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i Toscani

Centennial traditions, quality and flavors that have remained intact, unchanged over generations.SAPORE DI SOLE – I Toscani contain all the local delicacies and excellences of a region that prides itself over its culinary traditions, appreciated all over the world.

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Alto Adige bakery

Master baker Richard works together with his great-grandson Hannes and the team of 40 people from Val d’Ultimo to preserve the quality and traditions of his ancestors.

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emilia romagna
Balsamic Vinegar IGP from Modena

Strictly closed-cycle, as requested by the biodynamic approach. Every phase of the process takes place in these 4 hectares: this is a unique situation in the world, and guarantees high-quality and sustainability, farm-to-tablesupply chain easily recognizable in this product.

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Ancient grains from Sicily

Strictly natural stone ground flour in the heart of Modica, each grain is worked at low temperature to preserve the fragrance, aroma and nutritional power of the germ.

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Sardinian Pasta

Based on local durum wheat semolina, typical shapes of the popular tradition handcrafted through slow drying at low temperatures (20 hours, 35 °C).

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Apulian Taralli

Taralli of the Apulian tradition made with simple and genuine ingredients. Inviting appearance and golden crunchiness for an exclusive, incomparable taste. Local and solidarity economy.

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The green gold of Calabria

Bergamot, known and appreciated all over the world, is grown in a small piece of land in the heart of Locride, from Villa San Giovanni, on the Strait of Messina, to Siderno.

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Living flour, with germ

Stone grinding in a water mill: same process throughout 8 generations, slow movement and low temperature, to keep the flour alive.

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