Biodiversity represents the genetic heritage of the terrestrial ecosystem and of our roots. It enriches our tables, our lives, and ourselves.

ancient beans

Ancient legumes

Produce from a glorious past, rediscovered after many years, and brought back to our table. Produce full of meaning, value and virtues.

ancient cereal


Finding connections to our heritage, through the rediscovery of ancient unmodified crops.

ancient grains

Ancient grains

Ancient grains from certified supply chains in Emilia Romagna, grown from a mix of ancient seeds of soft wheat.

our roots

There’s a tight link between biodiversityand good health. The scientific community has recently found out a connection between the decrease of biodiversity and the increase of inflammatory-based diseases: our immune system is weaker and our microbioma is suffering.
If we want to preserve this richness (and our health) we need to defend and valorise our local produceand our local farmers, by investing in research of ancient varieties.

sapore di sole 02

Ancient Grains


Native stone-ground live flours with wheat germ, names rich in history and old-fashioned charm, traditions and crops that are returning, increasingly in demand, to the fore.
Rigorously ground with natural stone in the heart of Modica, each grain is processed at low temperatures to preserve aromas, flavors and nutritional value.

Malloreddos e Fregola


Based on local durum wheat semolina, typical shapes of the popular tradition handcrafted through slow drying at low temperatures (20 hours, 35 °C). Thanks to the low drying temperatures, the pasta maintains a compact and elastic consistency even after cooking, remaining a “living” product and ensuring greater digestibility.

Local & Fair Trade

Local & Fair Trade

We work together with sensitive realities, characterized by a social and ethical approach to work (type B associations, business networks) which operate in the territory and support the typical delicacies and traditions of that same territory.

mani incrociate

from Apulia


Taralli Senatore Cappelli and Rosemary


Taralli with Extra Virgin olive oil


Taralli with fennel seeds


Taralli turmeric and black pepper


Taralli with chili pepper

Balsamic Vinegar IGP
from Modena

Strictly closed-cycle, as requested by the biodynamic approach. Every phase of the process takes place in these 4 hectares: this is a unique situation in the world, and guarantees high-quality and sustainability, farm-to-tablesupply chain easily recognizable in this product.

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aceto 07

Alto Adige

Master baker Richard works together with his great-grandson Hannes and the team of 40 people from Val d’Ultimo to preserve the quality and traditions of his ancestors.

citrus fruits

citrus fruits


bargamot juice



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mirtillo nero selvatico

Wild blueberries

from the Apennines

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