In the 70s, most people were using traditional agricultural methods, because organic was still unknown to the majority.

Back then, there were nonconformist pioneers that spread the message of natural organic agriculture, whose contribution is still valuable today when it comes to making informed purchases. . Luigi is one of these pioneers. In his path of study, that still continues today, he has funded a research centre to study new organic agricultural methods.



It’s pre-digested food, quickly absorbable and rich in nutrients, thanks to the lysis process that enriches the food, increasing the quantity and quality of nutrients, decreasing the percentage of antinutrients.

In addition to their nutritional and functional value, lysates contain high levels of energy which is fundamental in our digestion process, as demonstrated in tests such as the “sensitive crystallization”. Not only do lysates have functional qualities, but also bio-energetic ones. They are helpful in a number of functions: our liver, our immune system, our intestines– and our microbiota.

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