Olivia and Lorenzo

Olivia and Lorenzo

Abetone is a small municipality, 1400m above sea level, straddling the highest peaks of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

The richness of this land consists of few things: fresh and abundant good water, clean air, snow in winter time, blueberries in summertime.

Panorama delle praterie di Mirtilli neri selvatici in alta Quota 1800 metri


This land asks for and deserves respect:
the blueberries are handpicked, in full harmony with nature. This is the only possible way, for us.

100% Wild blueberry
to drink

According to a research of the New York Botanical Garden, published on the “Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry”, wild blueberries’
antioxidant power is 11 times higher thanfarmed blueberries.
They are therefore far more effective in defending the organism from the attack of free radicals and from the cellular aging process.