A small, uncontaminated biodynamic oasis, in the middle of a chaotic world,
where 5% of agricultural land is left to forests, to protect biodiversity.


lorenzo aceto

Tradition and history

Our mission is to produce food that respect the tradition with the intention of transmitting to everyone the taste of the past and the spirit of our grandparents, who did not bend nature to their will with chemicals or invasive techniques, but listened to it and let themselves be guided by it.

Balsamic vinegar Cream

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Balsamic Vinegar IGP from Modena

It’s the result of a skilful mixture of wine vinegar and cooked must – concentrated according to the tradition, over direct heat and open air. It doesn’t contain added preservatives nor colourants. The period of rest in oak barrels gives it an intense aroma and asharp taste, sweetbut slightly astringent.

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Balsamic vinegar cream IGP from Modena

Ready-to-use cream produced from the combination between high-density balsamic vinegar of Modena and Cooked Must – obtained according to the tradition, over direct heat and open air. It doesn’t contain any added preservatives nor colourants, but only organic starch which makes it creamy without causing intolerance problems.

Biodynamic and organic

First Balsamic Vinegar IGP from Modena

Strictly closed-cycle, as requested by the biodynamic approach. Every phase of the process takes place in these 4 hectares: this is a unique situation in the world, and guarantees high-quality and sustainability, farm-to-table supply chain easily recognizable in this product.