Our body prepares for the day after an overnight fast and finds the necessary energyin the morning meal.

healthy breakfast
dried fruit

Dried fruit


Flakes, puffed cereals and Muesli

monoingredients fruit

Fruit 100%



Having an healthy BREAKFAST
is alove act

It is the launching pad to start the day with the right foot.
We should take a moment to appreciate this meal, to recognize the authenticity of wholegrain cereals and the variety of natural sweeteners, other than sugar. A well-balanced, healthyand conscious breakfast.

sapore di sole 02


Barley Malt Syrup

Natural sweetener, delicate, tasty, viscous texture.

Agave syrup

Natural sweetener that replaces refined white sugar, naturally extracted from the tequila Agave lymph.

Rice Malt Syrup

Natural sweetener, unrefined, delicate, tasty, viscous texture

Coconut Flower Sugar

Unrefined sweetener naturally extracted from the nectar of the coconut flowers.
Tuscan Honey

Tuscan Honey

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