Bees before everything else

“Never do to bees what you cannot tell your customers”

Organic choice comes from the passion in seeking a path towards sustainable agriculture. Among the inspiring principles that lead this idea of organic, there is the desire to demonstrate that another way is possible. Raising bees following their natural inclination, without having the hassle of production, helping this little big insect in the very precious task it performs for our ecosystem. This is the attitude that distinguishes an organic company in conscience rather than in certification.



Wildflower honey

Beige colour with yellow reflections, it quickly crystallizes. It’s a slightly fruity honey, with weak to medium intensity.

Tuscan chestnut honey

Chestnut honey is produced among chestnut groves in the Tuscan Apennines, in the shade of centuries old trees.

Acacia honey

Among the forests of the Tuscan Apennines and Marche region, where plenty of Robinia Pseudoacacia trees grow, bees produce one of the most appreciated honeys: acacia honey.

Honeydew honey

Liquid texture, late crystallization, dark amber colour, sharp smell and persistent aroma, similar to malt and molasses.