Acacia Honey

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This type of honey tends to be generally liquid. It could sometimes be opaque due to the presence of crystals but nonetheless reaching the complete crystallization. Its colour tends to be pale yellow.


Nutritional values

Energy320 kCal / 1360 kJ g
Fat0.0 g
Fat of which saturates0.0 g
Carbohydrate82.0 g
Carbohydrate of which sugars82.0 g
Protein0.2 g
Salt0.0 g


This type of honey is usually very likeable. Used to sweeten coffe, tee and milk as well as together with cheese and fresh goat's cheese.

Did you know that

Honey works as a perfect natural energetic sweetening thanks to the high contents of natural fructose and glucose. Honey is good to be used as a natural remedy in case of respiratory system illness and towards gastric acidity suffering. Because of its high digestibility, proteins, vitamins, mineral salts and amino acids, it is considered as a good and valuable restorative product.