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100% Pistachio Cream

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Bright green cream made with 100% roasted pistachios.


Nutritional values

Energy2543 kL / 608 kcal g
Fat56,1 g
Fat of which saturates5,6 g
Carbohydrate8,1 g
Carbohydrate of which sugars4,5 g
Fibre10,6 g
Protein18,1 g
Salt0 g


Spread it over bread, croissant, rusk or as a cake base. Also good to enrich ice-cream, crepes and first courses.


Rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, phosphorous and antioxidants. Also good for reducing cholesterol.


Pistachios, thanks to the vitamin contained aid the wellbeing of eyes and skin. They also have antioxidants effect and proteins content.

Did you know that

Pistachio are originally from Persia where it's said that lovers used to mett under the pischios trees to listen to the sound of the fruits that opened up at night.