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Effegi Srl observes the regulations concerning contracts negotiated at a distance for by art. 50 and followings of the Legislative Decree 206/2005.

Please read carefully the conditions listed below, print and / or save them on another durable medium of your choice.


Shipping costs Italy

Shipping costs € 50

The shipping couriers are: BRT or GLS


Shipping time Italy

After payment confirmation, in Italy 48 hours, except islands, Calabria, and disadvantaged areas where it takes 96 hours.


Shipping costs outside Italy

Shipping costs: € 50

Delivery time: 4-5 working days


Payments procedures






Email address for payments via PayPal:


To conclude a purchase with this type of payment you will see a page of our website where you can enter the e-mail account and password of your PayPal account or access to the procedure for creating a new PayPal account. After registration you can make payments via PayPal without having to reinsert data, even for following purchases. By choosing this method of payment you are charged directly from your PayPal account. PayPal protects the buyer's information.

For every transaction made with this method you will receive an email confirmation from PayPal. The order amount is debited from your PayPal account at the time of order. In case of cancellation the amount will be refunded to customer's PayPal account. 

We accept payment only by registered users on the site PayPal Italian.



General terms

All ways of sale, delivery and payment are listed in detail in the various sections of the site and have to be considered an integral and essential part of this contract. The conditions applicable to each order will be those shown on the site at the time of the order. Any new term will be effective when published on the website and will be applied only to sales made at a later stage.


Public offering

All products and prices shown on the site are an offer to the public with the limitations and the procedures contained in the Site and in the general terms of sale.



The graphic design of the delivered products could be different from the one shown on the site in case the producer has changed the packaging and so for reasons beyond the control of Effegi Srl



Only the price calculated at the moment of the order will be applied to the total expense of the customer, without considering any increase or decrease in prices, even for promotions that may have occurred previously or subsequently.

Shipping costs are calculated based on the total amount of goods purchased.


Accepting orders

The order submitted by the Customer shall be binding on Effegi Srl only if the entire order process will be completed regularly and properly without any detection of error messages from the site. Effegi di Gallorini Francesco & C. S.n.c. will not fit in the cart products not specifically ordered by the customer excluding giveaways.


Order confirmation

In his/her e-mail box the Customer will receive confirmation of his/her order with a summary of the products, their prices, and the general and specific conditions applicable to the order itself.


Cancellation and modification of the order

Effegi Srl , as a result of unforeseen logistical and organizational difficulties, may cancel the order by notifying by e-mail to the customer or, in agreement with the customer, change the day and / or time of delivery.



Deliveries will take place within 48 to 72 hours after the communication of the dispatch of the package.

For any anomaly the consumer can still contact Effegi Srl using references specified in the Contacts Area in the site No liability is accepted by Effegi Srl for any delays occurred during transport.

Likewise Effegi Srl shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or failure to delivery caused by events and / or causes of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, as an illustrative, yet incomplete example: natural disasters, adverse weather

conditions (such as heavy snowfalls), strikes (of their own or other employees), transport accidents, explosions, or any other cause, whether similar or different.


Available products and purchase restrictions

Effegi Srl will not be in any way responsible for the temporary or permanent unavailability of one or more products. In case of temporary unavailability of the products required, Effegi di Gallorini Francesco & C. S.n.c. undertakes not to charge the customer the corresponding price. In the site cases where limitations on the purchase of the products are valid, are highlighted.


Failed delivery

For delivery we require the presence of the customer or a person in charge at the address and time specified in the order. If the customer (or the person in charge) is not present we shall make a second delivery attempt and will open a practice of storage in case of final non-withdrawal, compliance Effegi Srl shall not refund the cost of delivery and of the product; it will also be entitled to Effegi Srl to exclude the customer from the service.


Right of withdrawal

The rights of the customer are protected by Decree 206/2005.

The customer has, therefore, the right to cancel the contract, even partially, without explanation and without charges, provided that such termination is notified by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to Effegi Srl Via Leopoldo di Toscana, 1 / A 1 / B • 52048 • Alberoro Monte S. Savino (Ar) • Italy, Tel. +39 0575 848091 • Fax +39 0575 846900 Tax code and VAT number: 01897200513 within 10 working days from the day of receipt of the goods. The communication can be anticipated, within the same period, by email, fax or telegram, provided that it is confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within the following 48 hours. Such notice shall specify the intention to cancel the purchase and the product or products for which you intend to exercise the right of withdrawal, attaching a copy of the invoice.

If, however, the goods have already been delivered, the consumer will have to send to the same address indicated above, at his/her expense, the products he/she wants to withdraw, always within ten working days from the date he/she received the products, with the phrase "returned goods" on the package. To verify compliance with the deadline it will be valid the acceptance of the post office or the shipper. We will not pick up packages in cash on delivery or in carriage. The customer must then return the product at his own expense as follows: 

If the withdrawal will be exercised according to the arrangements, Effegi Srl will refund the amount paid for the purchase of the product as soon as possible and within 30 days from which Effegi di Gallorini Francesco & C. S.n.c. will find out about the right of withdrawal of the customer.

However if the products do not possess the essential characteristics promised, if they present manufacturing defects or for errors in the delivery of the products occurred or at least for reasons attributable to Effegi Srl , even shipping costs for delivery of products purchased and any right to sign will be given back.

The right of withdrawal is not permitted in the case of:


a) purchase of packaged products unsealed by the customer;


b) goods which by their nature can not be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly (e.g. fresh food and perishables);



Effegi Srl ensures compliance with the quality standards and certifications relating to products only until the time of delivery at the place specified by the customer, it is excluded from any liability related to the poor state of the products due to improper storage after the time of delivery.



Effegi Srl will process the customer's personal data in compliance with legislation on privacy as specified in detail in the information in the "Privacy" section of the website



Any and all disputes that may arise regarding the application, interpretation and execution of these general conditions of sale, will be mandatorily referred to the courts of the place of residence or domicile of the consumer, if located within the State.